Building bridges with table tennis

From improving mental well-being to tackling social isolation, table tennis is the perfect tool to provide an inclusive activity within your community. We spoke to Baildon Methodist Church, who used table tennis to engage with their local community with great success.

It was a member of the congregation who first suggested table tennis as an activity for the church, not just to increase income, but to engage with the further community in the parish of Shipley, Bradford. The sessions began as two hour sessions once a week, and word quickly spread.  The sessions attracted a wide range of abilities and ages, ranging from 12 to 87. Within a year, an additional session was established to cope with the demand and a community was born.

Jane, who holds duty within the church, told us of their successes:

Firm friendships have been formed spilling out into table tennis elsewhere and on numerous occasions, small groups who met through our table tennis sessions going off on holiday together.


The community in Shipley have engaged with the church, despite many members being of other faiths, and those of no faith. The sessions have provided a safe space for individuals to seek support, meet new people, and get active whilst having fun.


We have helped individuals who have had difficulties which we have supported them through. The great advantage of table tennis is that all ages can play, we have seen older people attend and in several months we have noticed an improvement in balance, agility, alertness, outlook and general fitness. We provide companionship and loads of fun for those who live alone.


Jane stresses that the sessions at the church are very much a team effort of church members, other faiths and non-believers, who have actively got involved in their community.


Some of our other faiths and non-believers have attended other church activities. Additionally, the table tennis money and knock on to other events/activities helps us pay the bills and provide charitable support elsewhere. Apart from the financial benefits to the Church we have also been able to offer Christian fellowship to individuals who have faced a difficult situation in their lives or just simply needed companionship. This Christian support was only possible because of table tennis as it brought other faiths and non-believers into our church. 


As Jane has experienced, table tennis can be a great tool for improving mental wellbeing, and providing a space for people to connect and share. Just 10 minutes of physical activity has been proven to increase mental alertness, positive mood and energy, reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Table tennis has the unique benefits of being a fully inclusive activity, regardless of your age, background, abilities or disabilities. But most importantly, it’s a fun way to get active without needing a change of clothes, specialist equipment or any history of playing; just grab a bat and have a go!

Here’s how table tennis can improve your mental well-being (click image below to expand) ….



Loop in the Community is a subsidised table grant scheme programme, available to community groups, community venues and more.

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Care about the mental well-being of your colleagues?

Mental health can still be a taboo subject and masked in a veil of silence.  But there are simple steps you can take to make your workplace a mentally healthier place to be!  To mark World Mental Health Awareness Day on 10th October, we explored how introducing a table tennis table into your work environment can help your colleagues stay healthy in mind and body! Click on the image below to enlarge.



Why play makes good business!

We all know we should eat healthily, get active and take time to relax, but with the ever-growing pressures of a busy life, and with every minute of our day accounted for; it can seem impossible to fit in any ‘down-time’.

There is, however, a movement of forward thinking employers that recognise the benefits of having a healthy, happy workforce and are finding ways to help their staff; whether it’s providing a free fruit bowl, a bean bag filled chill out area and the one we naturally love, a table tennis table in the office!

Our Loop at Work table tennis initiative helps businesses create a place people love to work.

By inspiring a balance between work and play, where everyone makes social interaction and activity priorities every single day, we’re improving people’s quality of life and creating a workplace culture which inspires collaboration and creativity.

Don’t just take our word for it!

With over 350 workplaces already #INTHELOOP, we thought we’d ask our participants for their views of table tennis in their workplaces and we discovered …

82% felt that Loop at Work improved their well-being

36% stated they were active less than once a week before their workplace introduced a Loop table

85% who were previously inactive or active less than once a week, increased their physical activity levels

The majority of Loop participants stated table tennis encouraged them to become more active.

Our workplace participants said they loved playing to be with other people, to be part of something and to feel fit and healthy, some also enjoyed improving their game and the feeling of winning, including beating the boss!

We loved these comments …

The table has given me the most fun I’ve ever had in the workplace! I’m addicted, but still not very good!

It’s a great  way to take that break from your desk and gets you moving and thinking

Lunch time and after work hours are fun. More social within the office

The chance to temporarily take a break and refresh, before heading back to my desk to work


It has brought the wider office team together, provided lots of laughs and also encouraged participation from quieter members in the office

So well done to those employers that are making it as easy as possible for their workforce to be healthy and active and keep it up to all those employees embracing the opportunities!

The Loop Team at Table Tennis England would love to help more workplaces introduce table tennis and to hear from those that already have!

So get in touch.  You can email us, tweet  @loop_tweets or visit

Loop Workplaces serve up an ace!

The nation went ping pong potty on 12th July as hundreds of schools, clubs, workplaces, local authorities and other organisations put on free events for the 4th National #TableTennisDay encouraging people to pick up a bat and have a go at our fun sport.

We had lots of entries from workplaces into our competition to win a visit from a member of the England Squad. All entrants had to do was tweet, post or email us a picture of their Loop table in use on the day.

The judges selected two worthy winners …

Phoenix Group

Birmingham based business, The Phoenix Group invited pupils from their partner school, Ark Kings Academy, to come in and take part in some fun maths based table tennis games.  Phoenix have an impressive four tables which get loads of use, with regular coaching sessions, free play as well as charity tournaments.



 The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency’s South West Office in Exeter has had their outdoor Loop table for 18 months, jointly sponsored by Active Devon.  Paul Barker from the Agency tells us:

“We have around 50 employees currently on our office table tennis ladder and the table is used every lunchtime from a minimum of 4 to 20 players every day!! It has been really good to see people from the different departments mixing together and enjoying this great sport, whilst developing their skills.”

To celebrate #TableTennisDay they held a doubles tournament with six teams competing in a tensely fought competition.

Congratulations to Phoenix and the Environment Agency, who both eagerly anticipate a visit from a table tennis pro!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to tweet on the day, here’s a selection of some of our favourites..


Maidenhead welcomes a Ping Pong Parlour!



A new Ping Pong Parlour has opened this week in the Nicholsons Shopping Centre Maidenhead.

Now busy shoppers will be able to take a break from the crowds and enjoy a free game of table tennis! It’s all part of our drive to bring ping pong into the places people already spend their everyday lives.

Anyone is welcome to drop in to play on one of three table tennis tables free of charge.

Jane Wright, manager of the Nicholsons Centre, said

“When I was first approached about the idea I thought it was a fantastic way to offer a fun activity, free of charge, to those shopping and working in Maidenhead town centre. I really hope everyone makes use of the facility and has lots of fun”

It will be open from 8am-7pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8am-5.30pm on Wednesday, 8am-6pm on Saturday and 11am-4pm on Sunday

Watch this space for news of more parlours popping up all over the place!


Danny comes to play!

On Wednesday 10th May, the Shakespeare Martineau’s Litigation league’s Team Birmingham invited Double Commonweath Games medalist table tennis supremo Danny Reed to come to their penultimate playing session and share some of his knowledge and skills!

After showing off his medals and signing the wall in the office (there’s a picture of him – so it only seemed fair) he managed to find some time to help the team out with some hints and tips.

Competition remains fierce as the teams continue to battle it out to be the one of two winners of the Birmingham heat and go through to the semi-finals at the conference in June.

As well as providing hints and tips, Danny was happy to take any questions ranging from how he is funded, the Olympics, his current studies and getting the better of siblings.

All in all a great and informative evening.

Danny will be visiting the Leicester offices this week to put the team through their paces!

Loop News

Bring social Ping Pong to your Community

Following the success of our Loop initiatives which make it easy for leaders to introduce social table tennis to their workplaces, sports venues and university campuses; the Loop team are delighted to announce the launch of Loop in the Community

Whether you’re targeting groups with disabilities, women and girls, ethnic minorities or simply want to get everyone involved, Loop in the Community is designed to help you bring the members of your community closer together and inspire them to lead more active and healthy lifestyles.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Sport England and equipment suppliers to bring you subsidised ‘Join In’ table tennis packages which include everything you need to kick-start social ping pong in your venue; with table, bats, balls, organiser booklet, lots of printed resources and advice to get the most out of your sessions. Loop in the Community is suitable for venues open to a wide range of people such as; village halls, religious centres, community centres, colleges, youth clubs and leisure centres.

Table tennis (or ping pong, it’s the same game!) is uniquely inclusive; everyone, irrespective of ability, age or gender, can play and enjoy the game with no special kit or footwear required.

We all know we need to be more active but it’s not that easy.  With our lives busier and more complex than ever before, there’s little time to spare. In fact, a quarter of us do less than 30 minutes of exercise a week, with under-represented groups more likely to be inactive

At Loop, we believe a work-play balance is essential for our happiness, health and well-being which is why we’re on a mission to inspire leaders to bring table tennis to the places people already spend time.

The new packages will go live on Tuesday 2nd May 2017, with lots of options to meet every community’s needs.

To find out more visit:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Click here to download a press release