Loop in the Bar

Social table tennis for cafes, bars and pubs, gig venues and nightclubs.

Loop can help you:

♦ Attract new customers & create a great social experience that means they keep coming back time and time again

♦ Draw people in during less busy times

♦ Fill quiet spaces with happy customers

♦ Bring your fun-loving culture to life

♦ Build a team that love coming to work every day

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We envisage a future where:

♦ Table Tennis is a vital part of pub and café culture and leads a return of pub games

♦ Pub table tennis tables are focal points where friends and strangers meet, laugh and play

♦ New forms of social leagues, ladders and cups thrive across every village, town and city

We’re already working with a number of independent bars, pub chains and breweries to build a thriving pub game culture, where table tennis leads the way.


Want to find out more?  Click here to email us!

Looking for some inspiration?

We believe table tennis is ideally suited to cafés, bars and pubs, and similar venues.  The game is as sociable or competitive as the players want it to be, and a single table can be enjoyed by up to 20 people at any one time.

There are lots of ping pong pubs and cafés already popping up all over the place.  Take a look at our gallery for some examples of how table tennis could work for you.




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