Loop on Campus

We believe that the most happy, healthy, successful and well connected people make time to play every day.

Finding the time and a place to play can be difficult, so we’ve designed a range of products to help.

Loop delivers student led social table tennis to your University, tempting even the least sporty people to get active and creating a social buzz on Campus.

As part of the Loop on Campus programme, we also provide a comprehensive ‘How To’ manual for Universities. But before you place your order, please give these questions some thought…

Why do you want to invest in Loop on Campus?

And, what you want your Loop project to achieve? Social and recreational table tennis has a proven record of delivering against a number of different objectives and agendas including…

  • Connecting people and building communities; engaging hard to reach groups in sport e.g. inactive people and those typically disinterested in sport, women, BME groups and people with disabilities
  • Increasing participation and active recreation
  • Developing confidence, social and leadership skills amongst participants and organisers
  • Creating an infrastructure of partners, participants and facilities that can support and develop table tennis communities
  • Raising the profile of table tennis, challenging/changing the perception of the sport and, when and how it can be enjoyed
  • Increasing access and sustained demand for table tennis/sport and signposting people towards other activities and offers on and off campus
  • Establishing a variety of social participation opportunities that create choice for participants to play table tennis regularly in an environment / atmosphere suitable for them

Which of these are of particular interest to you and, how will you shape your project to ensure that it impacts in these areas?

How do you choose the right table locations?

It’s likely you’ll face some restrictions on where you can put table tennis tables and, no doubt the number of tables you can afford to buy will be limited, so your choice of table locations is incredibly important to the success of Loop on Campus. We see ping pong as a social activity as well as a sport so you should choose locations that reflect this.

Ask yourself:

  • Who do you want to engage?
  • Where does this audience already spend time socially?
  • When do they have time to play?
  • Who needs to give permission to place tables?

Placing tables where people already spend time will give your project the best chance of success. The following types of location should be considered on your shortlist:

  • Outdoors – in busy public spaces where students spend time at different times of day (try to pick highly visible locations, but ones that are sheltered from extreme weather conditions)
  • Other indoor or outdoor public/semi-public areas e.g. squares and courtyards, lobby areas and foyers
  • Student Union Bar or similar
  • Halls of residence common rooms or bars
  • Canteens / cafes / refectories
  • Other popular destinations

Think about reaching new audiences with your tables; a table sited in the Student Union bar might reach a different audience than one sited in the popular lunch spot outside the University library. A table in a common room is likely to reach a local audience who may be able to play regularly, whereas a table in a venue used by all students may attract a greater number of visitors and attract greater exposure but, students may be less able to visit frequently due to distance travelled. What is most important to you, high throughput, or regular and sustained play? If it’s high throughput, how do you convert this?

Do you have enough space?

Indoor and outdoor tables are 2.7m long, 1.5m wide and 76cm high and we suggest you at least double these dimensions to give you a playing area (ideally you should have 8 x 4 metres) with a firm floor.

What kit and equipment do you need?

Once you have decided on your table locations and have had these signed-off, you need to decide what equipment to order to get things started.

Loop have created a menu of equipment options that you can choose from to design your perfect Loop on Campus project. This includes indoor and outdoor tables, reduced size tables for restricted space, training balls, indestructible bats and promotional materials amongst other things.

What existing table tennis opportunities exist?

In addition to the Loop on Campus opportunities you provide, participants need to be able to find a wide range of places to play to suit their own preferences. Some will want to go on to play competitively, whilst others will be happiest in social environments with their friends. Being able to offer a choice is important. Whilst this may not be possible initially, you may be able to create a range of opportunities through partnerships with existing table tennis providers. These might include:

  • University table tennis club(s), external clubs and traditional Leagues
  • University table tennis competitions including BUCS
  • Other table tennis tables at University (e.g. sports hall, open spaces)
  • Social table tennis events / activities at University or in community
  • Other table tennis tables in public or semi-public spaces

What's included in a Loop on Campus package?

The offer includes:

  • The optional bespoke EQUIPMENT PACKAGE including the choice of low cost but high quality in and outdoor tables, 3/4 sized tables, table toppers and instant kits, 10x all-weather bats and 72x balls.
  • A customisable PROMO PACK including posters and fliers, 10x GET YOUR PING ON t-shirts, novelty promotional and prize items and, information on how best to promote Loop On Campus activities.
  • PING PONG PIONEER ONLINE TRAINING AND RESOURCES for any number of students, identified / selected by the university.
  • Loop on Campus is only available to Universities in England

Contact us for more information.

How to choose your package

It’s easy to choose the table that is right for your campus. Pick from the indoor and outdoor tables below, or go for a flexible option below.

Indoor and outdoor tables are 2.7m long, 1.5m wide and 76cm heigh and we suggest you at least double these dimensions to give you a playing area (ideally you’d have 8 x 4 metres) with a firm floor.

How to order

Click on each picture to view a description. Once you’ve made your choice submit your order – and we’ll take it from there!

We must approve your order before you’re asked for payment. You will receive a link to the payment page once your order is approved.

We are now able to customise all kit and equipment, branded in your team’s logos and colors. Please contact us using the form below for a quotation.


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a university who has already introduced table tennis has to say:

“The sun is shining, exams are looming and the Loop on Campus tables have been a fantastic opportunity for students to de-stress. The table tennis tables have really been fantastic for our university and have really created such a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.”

Grace Clarke, University of York President

Please be aware that due to the current global pandemic, although we are still happy to receive orders, there will be a delay with delivery, this is currently at least 6-8 weeks but is subject to change.

Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.