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It’s just not table tennis without a table. Loop offers indoor and outdoor table options, and if space is an issue we also have table toppers, 3/4 sized and Instant Ping Pong Packs.  You will find all the information by following the GET #INTHELOOP links.

The standard table

• A table should measure 2.74m long, 1.525m wide and be 76cm high

• The ball should bounce 23cm high when dropped from a height of 30cm

• The playing surface should be uniformly dark-coloured and matt

• A wheelchair friendly table will have the legs set back at least 40cm away from each end

Budget tables

This range of tables will usually be called ‘recreation’ or ‘home’ tables and are ideal for casual use. They are of lighter construction and come in a variety of sizes, from full size to mini tables. These tables are perfect for ‘pop up’ sessions or for use where space is limited.

Storage and transport

All tables can be folded up for storage, however you should consider the storage space you have available and who will be performing the task.

Rollaway tables are designed to be moved easily. They fold in the middle and have large wheels for easy movement, and this can usually be done by one person. These tables require bigger storage space as a result of this functionality.

Some of these rollaway tables offer ‘playback’ functionality. This is where one half of the table can remain upright so that a single player can practice their returns.

Other tables, typically the heavyweight competition tables, come in two halves and have legs that fold into the frame. Each half can be rolled upright into storage using the small wheels built into the frame at the net end. Two strong people are required to put up or breakdown one of these tables. They are however more compactly stored than the rollaway tables.

We recommend the rollaway design if the tables you use will need to be moved often. Bear in mind that the complex engineering of the tables generally means that it’s worth avoiding the budget versions of these tables to ensure good durability.

Net sets

All Loop tables come supplied with a net set, these are very simple to fit to your table.

Instant Ping Pong Packs

An alternative to purchasing an actual table tennis table is to use the tables you already have. The Instant Ping Pong pack contains a roll net which can clip to almost any flat surface. It takes seconds to set up. The set also contains bats and balls, plus a set of play cards to get your table tennis session started.

The versatility of the pack means that you can play table tennis almost anywhere. More information here.

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