Are we spending too much time sitting at work?

It’s not rocket science, we all know that we need to be more active, but how do we find the time in our busy lives?

One solution is to introduce activity into the places we spend most time, and for a lot of us this means the workplace.

In a news article recently published by The National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine, teams from the University of Leicester and Loughborough University investigated solutions to reducing the amount of time workers remain static during the day.  The research, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) involved a group of 146 office workers.  Half received a ‘Stand More At Work’  programme (which involved working at height-adjustable workstations and information/education), the remainder continued as before.

After 12 months of this regime, the intervention group spent 83 minutes less per day sitting than the control group.

The article goes on to quote Dr Charlotte Edwardson, Associate Professor from the University of Leicester, who said: “Those who received the SMArT Work programme reported improvements in their work performance, work dedication and engagement, quality of life and reduced levels of sickness presenteeism, feelings of fatigue and musculoskeletal issues, such as lower back pain.”

While the results of simply standing more during the working week are impressive, the Loop at Work team at Table Tennis England want to take this one stage further.

Our mission is to see people taking time out of their day to be a bit more active, to interact with each other and to simply have some fun.

The well-being benefits of a game of lunch-time table tennis are endless: from creating positive morale; elevating heart rate; reducing stress levels; reducing absenteeism, increasing creativity to improving productivity, the list goes on.


Starting from just £200, our Loop at Work table packages including everything required to introduce table tennis into the work environment.

The table packages, which are subsidised using funding from Sport England, are a cost effective way for employers to enhance the employee benefits packages as opposed to more costly enhancements such as gym membership or private health insurance.

To get your workplace #INTHELOOP or to find out more, please contact us