Table tennis a hit with Laleham Gap teachers

Teaching is one of the most rewarding, but also one of the most stressful of occupations. Most teachers would agree that striking good ‘work-life’ balance is essential. However, making this happen can be a big challenge.

The project

Paul Ursell, a teacher at Laleham Gap School, set up a staff table tennis club which runs for one hour every Thursday after school hours. The club has a relaxed atmosphere with staff being encouraged to join in whenever they can make it, and involves social play, lots of games, some coaching if requested and even battling against their own table tennis robot. The majority of the hour is spent playing team games, with ‘traditional’ games including Round the Table, and Laleham Gap invented games.

The result

A total of 40 staff have now attended the staff table tennis club, many on a regular basis, with various members of staff playing together – including support staff, teachers and the Head Teacher. As the school is comprised of Primary, Secondary and Residential, part of the success of the club has been staff members meeting, chatting and mixing with people they may never have spoken to.

It’s a fantastic club and a fun, light-hearted way to end a school day, especially if it’s been a difficult one”

“It’s a great chance to socialise and get to know staff members”

It’s nice for a bit of teamwork. It doesn’t matter if you’re not great at it, you can just have a go and not feel silly”



employees took part


agreed the sessions were great for social mixing


said the club helped to reduce stress levels


said the sessions improved their physical health


enjoyed the stimulation of a fresh challenge

Get in the Loop

To set up your very own workplace club, simply get some colleagues together for regular sessions and play however you want!

Whether it be social or competitive, table tennis is a sport for everyone.

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