Loop at Work

From tables and trophies to tips and tournaments, Loop at Work has everything an organisation needs to bring table tennis to life in the workplace.

Table Tennis England have developed Loop at Work, a package designed to directly meet the health and wellbeing needs of work places.  It provides organisations everything they need to plan and implement ping pong within the work environment.  The package includes a table, support from Table Tennis England and an activation pack (containing bats, balls, posters, trophies and a rules and ideas booklet).



Research has shown that employees who enjoy being part of a table tennis ‘culture’ are more likely to report significantly higher job satisfaction, greater competence in the workplace and feel more connected with their colleagues.




Package Options

There are five package options within the Loop at Work range to choose from depending on whether an indoor/outdoor setting is required and available space

  • Option 1 – Indoor folding table and activation pack – £200
  • Option 2 – Outdoor folding table and activation pack – £650
  • Option 3 – Outdoor permanent table and activation pack – £675
  • Option 4 – Table topper (can be placed on top of meeting table to convert to a table tennis table) and activation pack – £140
  • Option 5 – Indoor ¾ sized portable table and activation pack – £120

Please scroll down and click on the images to find out more about each option and to order.

For more information or to discuss creating a bespoke package for multiple sites/high number of employees, please call 01908 208 887 or email us


We do not want price to be a barrier to organisations enjoying table tennis and so we’ve teamed up with Sport England and equipment suppliers to offer our Loop at Work customers a heavily discounted rate of up to 50% off the retail price.  This is why the prices that you see on our website are highly competitive!.

All we ask in return for being able to take advantage of these great deals is that you can fulfil the criteria below and that you keep in touch with us so that we can see how you are getting on!

  • Loop at Work packages are available for businesses in England and their employees only, any size business may order a package, however, ‘home offices’ do not constitute a workplace
  • Loop at Work packages are not available to businesses who intend for the table to be used by members of the public or paying customers, education providers may purchase a package, but the table must be placed in a staff only area

Contact us for more information.

Why bring table tennis into your workplace?

Table tennis in the workplace can be a fantastic productivity tool and a great way for staff to relax, de-stress and interact. We believe businesses need to create the right conditions for success, with table tennis being the ideal activity for those looking to create a more relaxed, collaborative and fun workplace culture. A table tennis table creates a simple invitation to play, and as little as 10 minutes of table tennis at a time provides physical and mental health benefits.

Need to convince your colleagues?

Click the image below for a downloadable pdf highlighting all the benefits of getting your workplace #INTHELOOP



What is included in your Loop at Work package?

The Loop at Work package includes the following:

1. Table (indoor, outdoor rollaway, outdoor static, ¾ or table topper)

2. Activation Pack including:

  • 10 x bats
  • 24 x balls
  • Rules poster
  • Advertising posters
  • Office Trophy
  • An equipment storage box

3. Full support from Table Tennis England

4. Free delivery

Which option within Loop at Work would suit my organisation?

There are five options within Loop at Work that a business can choose from.

Our most popular choice is option one which includes an indoor folding table.  Easy to move, it can be set up in a meeting room or easily fit into the corner of an office, cafeteria or factory floor.

For those organisations who have limited space, we can offer option 4 containing a table topper, allowing a meeting table to be easily converted into a table tennis table, or option 5 containing a ¾ sized table.

If a business would like their employees to play outdoors then look no further than options 2 and 3, you will just need to decide whether you wish the table to be movable or not.

Please note that indoor and outdoor tables are 2.7m long, 1.5m wide and 76cm high.  We suggest you at least double these dimensions to give you a playing area (ideally, you’d have 8 x 4 metres) with a firm floor.

Please scroll down and click on the images to explore the various options available and to order.

Brand your equipment

We are able to customise all kit and equipment, branded in your company’s logos and colours. Please contact us  for a quotation.

Amnesty International

How to order

Click on the images below to view a description of each option. Once you’ve made your choice, submit your order – and we’ll take it from there!

We must approve your order before you’re asked for payment. You will receive a link to the payment page once your order is approved.  As soon as we receive payment then delivery will be arranged.

If you have any queries then please email us or call 01908 208887

How can I make Loop at Work successful in my workplace?

At Table Tennis England we have noticed that the workplaces who get the most employees playing ping pong are those that plan ahead.  That is why we have provided businesses with an activation pack as part of Loop at Work to help get you started.

 Questions to consider:

  1. Do you have a clearly visible, safe area to position a table either inside or outside your workplace that has good accessibility and a flat surface area (ideally a minimum of 8 x 4m)?
  2. Do you have an enthusiastic staff member to encourage participation, organise play, create a buzz around the table and become the ping pong ‘pioneer’?
  3. What time of play would suit your work place? For example casual play, tournaments, before/during/after work, or a Friday afternoon ping pong session.
  4. How are you going to monitor usage of the table for example sign in sheets, observations, feedback?


Ping Pong Fight Club

Take your workplace rivalry to the next level by entering a team into Ping Pong Fight Club.

These spectacular inter-company ping pong tournaments are held all across the UK, involving hundreds of people competing, playing and partying alongside their work colleagues.  We’re working with Ping Pong Fight Club to increase the number of women participating in the sport. Together we’re increasing the visibility of women playing and offering coaching programmes to help them feel comfortable competing.

For a chance to walk off with the ultimate bragging rights of the city, and be crowned ‘Ping Pong Fight Club Champions’ visit their website




Our partners Pongathon can help businesses to host a social ping pong team building event for the whole company.

Ping pong nurtures people’s innate instinct to participate, laugh, and have fun! Our friends at Pongathon (one of the leading ping pong events brands in the UK) have put together an exciting Event Package to engage your workforce in fun tournament play, challenges, coaching tips and tricks, and even a ping pong robot that takes on all-comers!  Check out their events promo video here.

To get in contact with Pongathon, email hello@pongathon.com or call 020 7575 3285


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what businesses who have already introduced table tennis have to say:

stonehouse projects“Encourages team building and also gives a message out to my staff that I value their health and well-being “
Stonehouse Projects


4way-Solutions-Logo“It has added something new to engage the workforce here”
4way Solutions

North Somerset Council

“The table has allowed our teams to be physically active at work as well provide teams and departments to socialise and have a bit of a competition “
North Somerset Council

Litetask-logoShows that I care about the health and well-being of my staff”

insight-logo-vert“A great way to ‘de-stress’ and forget about the pressure of work  Insight UK